Bit-Tuner - A Bit of Light - Album out on -OUS

Sacrilegious, Repetitious, Infectious


Sacral bass driven ceremonies out of the crypt of swiss artist and producer Bit-Tuner. 16 tracks exploring the lighter side of darkness, deepness and hypnotic ritual endeavours.

Bit-Tuner releases his 5th studio album on . Get your copy on OUSOOO Bandcamp // Juno // Bleep // Boomkat
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Feldermelder plays Erratic by Supermafia

Feldermelder teamed up  with Supermafia VJs some time ago to develop a completely new live show, based on an three dimensional array of LED strips. After having tested the possibilities in installation settings, for example trough their mutual project " Alcove ", they developmed the live format " Erratic ". The show was premiered at Fri-Son on October 23rd, and Exil on October 29th. And - well - it's amazing.

The Show is on:

JUN 18, 2016 - B-Sides Festival, Lucerne
JUN 06, 2016 - Bad Bonn Kilbi, Düdingen
MAY 11, 2016 - Tomorrow Festival, Shenzhen
FEB 27, 2016 - H3K Basel
NOV 21, 2015 - Electromecanica Festival, St. Petersburgh

more dates TBA - check for updates.

Celebrating Francis Juno on Nov. 20, 2015.

TOMORROW'S NOSTALGIA Record release show at Klubi Zurich

We're super happy to announce the release show of our 18th physical release - "Tomorrow's Nostalgia" coming from Francis Juno of Echo 106. The night will - obviously - be headlined by Francis Juno's live set, support is coming from Lux Rec. labelboss Daniele Cosmo, Echo 106 (dj-set) and Ink!. Join us!

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Welcome to the Hulaverse: Francis Juno

We are very happy to announce that Francis Juno has entered the Hulaverse. His sounds are of a distinct kind: they tell stories of timelessness and leisure, of distant memories, narratives from the subconsciousness and remind of some motif one cannot name...

Clearly, they come as an invitation to immerse into sound. The music feels comfortable on your home stereo, and just might also work on a club PA on an early Sunday afternoon. Unsophisticated, with no urging push to the dancefloor - but a distinct drive to tap one’s foot. Charming, catchy, almost naïve at first glance, Francis Juno’s tracks reveal a mesmerizing complexity over time.

Bruno Schnüriger, better known for his part in dark Swiss electronic duo Echo 106, channels his softer, melodic output through Francis Juno.

The full length album "Tomorrow's Nostalgia" will be released in November 2015.

Feldermelder X Supermafia: Alcove

Feldermelder teamed up with Supermafia VJs to create site specific audiovisual intallations. Their first mutual work - Alcove - was presented at a week-long pop up art show in Neuchâtel.

ALCOVE presented an array of LED lights behind a former store window, the viewer stood outside - isolated from the einvironment through a wireless headphones and seperated from the piece through the glass window. The window worked as separation, and sometimes as a mirror, inserting the viewer into the art piece.

Coming Soon: Simon Berz - Cut Out

It's been a little while since our last physical release - all the more we're very happy to announce the next release on Hula Honeys Records: Simon Berz - half of insanity driven duo FELL will be presenting a solo release in early June 2015.

Anyone who has seen Simon Berz perform knows  that he is not your usual drummer from the block. He has been experimenting with his drum kit - modulating it with microphones, speakers and effects. The drum kit has grown into the so-called "Rocking Desk" - and is nothing less than an extended and hybrid instrument that can stir up the dirt.
With his Rocking Desk, Simon Berz crosses the border between analogue and electronic music. He is still the drummer, but he can not only play snare drums, rim shots or rides, but also make them scream and squeak in tone through the contact microphones placed on the drums.

The forthcoming release "Cut Out" comes on a double 7" record with a recording of a solo drum song by Simon Berz, a remix by Toktek and 2 x 25 loops that invite DJs and musicians to explore the sounds of the Rocking Desk further.

Artist Profile Simon Berz

Random Bits from the Hulaverse

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