Turn the world off and listen:
D O Y O U B E A T ?

For IOKOI, home is nowHere between Switzerland and Italy. With the hEARt wide open to catch the very essence of each impulse, weave thoughts into soundscapes - dense/airtight and enchanting. At times alone, at times accompanied, but always in play somewhere in between space and intimacy, organics and electronics, pulse and breath, view and sound (eye/ear). In 2012, IOKOI wrote a soundtrack for YOHJI YAMAMOTO, was on tour through China for four weeks, creating live soundtracks for silent Sci-Fi-movies from the 1920's and '30s, with swiss Institute of Incoherent Cinematography . She did another soundtrack for the upcoming fashion-label MIRYAKI FW2013 and a first 7"-Vinyl-Single with the italian musician THELICIOUS for "We are Torino" [YouTube Video] .

In 2013, IOKOI composed music & sounddesign for the transdisciplinary theathre-project "Thank You For The Lovely Flowers" in co-work with producer Laura Kaehr and choreographer Jochen Heckmann. This work was followed up by another dance theatre soundtrack for "The Space In Between" (Tanz Werk Zurich) in 2014.

Hula Honeys release the solo release "Growing Young" in 2014 on vinyl. New material is on the way.

Press Photo: IOKOI by Daniele Kaehr

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