Phucking Happyend

Phucking Happyend is a synonym for reaching the final goal in the search for the ultimate truth. At the end of a trip through the no man's land of HipHop, Bass Music, Noise and Breakcore this guy found the gold.

Having started out in Metalbands in the 90ies, Fabian Wey changed his music style and his artist name around 10 years ago, but he didn't change his mindset. Still wild and loud, he stumbled into the electronic fields with a computer in his hands. Phucking Happyend experimented with fast beats and rhythms, bass lines and noisy sounds. In the recent past, he's also discovered the slower tempi for himself, heading into Glitch-Hop, Wonky and Rave. When he performs live or as a DJ, he has the capability to transform all those influences and particles to a colorful ensemble. As a part of the Lucerne based Korsett Kollektiv he's involved in this active crew. Under the name Puta Final Feliz, he mashes Cumbia or Johnny Cash with his ideas of updated dance music.