Simon Berz

The legend says that Simon Berz initiation as drummer, sound artist and performer started out in his grandmother's kitchen. Her culinary wizardry left a staying impression in Simon's young mind - and it made him aware of the importance of balancing the elements: ingredients, timing, composition.

Years later Simon Berz has kept this awareness in his musical and artistic projects. His key topics are 'existentialism, contrasts, biography, innovation and tradition'. Simon has been exploring the boundaries of tonality and rhythm with his drum set, but also in the form of installations and prepared everyday objects. You just might see him perform on nothing but an amplified stone...
One of the main working fields in the past years has been the development of the so-called "Rocking Desk" - an amplified, modified and altered drum kit. Simon Berz spent years in optimizing his setup that includes sensors in his drum sticks, contact microphones and loudspeakers on the drum kit, and an effect board, that grows out of and in to the traditional percussion instruments. The Rocking Desk has many voices: it can sublty add under- and overtones to the beat, but it can also scream and loose itself in feedback loops. Simon Berz plays the Rocking Desk as one half of FELL , but also solo.