Comfortnoise Podcast w/Nik!

13.4. 2012 * 22:44

* by: luv

bass music over 2h/55m/05s

by Nik! (Hula Honeys; Zürich) & (Comfortnoise, Dubexmachina; Zürich)
Video streamed live on Friday, April 13th, 2012 over Livebeats

Nik! has found his very own style in electronic music. As dj and producer he loves to deal with heavy basslines by oscillating between tradition and innovation, crossing the vast fields of Bass Music, D’n'B, HipHop and Reggae, back and forth. Together with his mates Soult and Random Bit Generator, he runs the label "Hula Honeys". Their releases never serve actual trends but provide tracks that you have to discover and love by yourself. You'LL meet Nik! on all kind of national and international stages. What he actually favours are the secret places where people trustfully open their ears to the over and over astonishing blends that he performs. The same we'll do in Comfortnoise podcast 028-0412.