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6.12. 2012 * 13:50

* by: luv

Well then: thanks for coming out on the 15th to celebrate our 5th birthday together with us. We were extremely happy to see so many friends enjoying the live shows, dj sets, gingerbread and records.

We're also extremely happy to officially announce the release of airplane- friendship and [hon11] FELL EP - a wonderful 7" single by Buvette , and an astonishing debut EP by FELL . The releases' sites have been updated with shop-links and were working hard on getting the records out to wherever you are. First copies should be available internationally within a week.

Buvette - Airplane Friendship

Order the 7" (incl. download) on .
Get the digital release on this site, on , ,

FELL - Fell

Order the 12" vinyl (incl. download) on
Get the digital release on this site, on , , , , .

Also, it's just about the end of the year - and it's the moment to say thanks: we had a very intense, colorful, loud and challenging year. With releases by Insomania Utopia , Bit-Tuner , Hepp , Phucking Happyend alongside the two brand new ones, we've been working hard on expanding the HULAVERSE. Also, we collaborated with the Korsett Kollektiv for hon09/krst05. With DubExMachina and Videokultur for the well remembered Taktung Festival .
We drank Averna every Tuesday night at Elektrik Klubi , enjoying Live- and DJ-Sets from innovative electronic acts. Every last tuesday of the month belonged to Bit-Tuner and his machines at Helsinki Klub, Zürich.
Besides all of that, we've been thinking about what we're up to. To be honest, we're quite sure it's something good. And we hope you'll be with us again next year...

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