Honeys Mix 01: Somtek - Enter the Dust

1.11. 2012 * 10:53

* by: luv


Here we go, this is the first exclusive artist DJ mix for the Hula Honeys mix channel: a dark ambient bass mix by Somtek aka Schnauz.

As Somtek, this guy made the excellent Phaser Edit from Phucking Happyend 's track Bitter Sweet, which was released on Korsett and Hula Honeys in October 2012. Somtek and Demegy have also been the driving forces behind the label Korsett in the past years, which took off with the Breakshake Remix Compilation, and featured remixes of artists like Partikel, Jools, AZ-Rotator or DJ Donna Summer.

But there is a lot more. Besides a nice number of releases as Somtek or with the Gipsy Syndicate, his alter ego Schnauz created the 5 track [hon04] Stars EP for Hula Honeys in 2011. And rumors are going strong that there will be a Somtek release sometime next year - so be ready for the news regarding Somtek / Schnauz.

Also, keep your eyes and ears open for more news on the Hula Honeys Mix Channel, there's a lot more to come. We'll be featuring exclusive DJ-mixes from our artists - with a strong focus on personally selected music - this channel is another place for musical knowledge and love, history and future:

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Tracklist: Somtek - Enter the Dust

01. hologram – prometheus rising (schematic)
02. goth-trad – strangers (deep medi musik)
03. roel funcken – cybot (ee compilation)
04. somtek - sandman (unreleased)
05. 2562 - the times (tectonic)
06. demegy – landing (korsett)
07. virgil enzinger & submerge – black sun (nachtstrom)
08. orphx – dead zone (hands productions)
09. unseen intruders – chapter one (bedroom research)
10. phucking happyend – bitter sweet | candy dub by nik! (korsett/hula honeys)
11. phucking happyend – bitter sweet | phaser edit by somtek (korsett/hula honeys)
12. vaetxh – clipper | circuit bent circus tent remix (king deluxe)
13. vaetxh - clipper | subjex origamix (king deluxe)
14. senking – skidozer 301 (raster noton)
15. f600 - contractura (pueblo nuevo)
16. surgeon – radiance (dynamic tension)
17. wipeout – i’ve started to read, again (klanggalerie)
18. interstellar – ending | mitoma remix (section27)
19. goth-trad - departure (deep medi musik)
20. frank riggio – perplex people (omelette)
21. vaetxh - recursion tree (schematic)
22. hologram – night swimming (n5md)

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Published : Nov. 1, 2012

Author : luv

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