Hula Honeys 5th Anniversary & Double Release

21.11. 2012 * 16:02

* by: luv

Just in time for our fith anniversary, Hula Honeys are proud to announce our tenth release, which will be coming by the amazing Buvette . We're celebrating our birthday at Zurich's Stall6 on December 14th, and - as a gift to you and ourselves - we're releasing our no.11 at the same time: the debut of FELL .

Buvette is a musical nomad, who creates fearlessly liberating songs with the means of electronic music and his voice. His songs are invitations to a state of musical trance: floating, but rattling anthems. His recent album, Palapa Lupita on Rowboat Records, was a revitalization of pop music - still throughoutly direct. We're very happy to announce the 7" single "Airplane Friendship" as our tenth release.

FELL are toktek (NL) and Simon Berz: a sound artist and a feedback drummer who battle it out in supercharged music sessions. They play their self-made electronic instruments/interfaces, they turn pure human emotion and body language into sound that results in a spasmic, sweaty conversation between toktek, Simon and their machines. Their self titled debut EP will be our hon11.

The dark-blonde,-died-black -ep was a first loud and wild shout out to the world five years ago. In the meantime, a whole bunch of musical masterminds and lunatics have joined the Hulaverse: We'd like to thank Feldermelder , Bit-Tuner , Somtek / Schnauz , Insomania Utopia & Santstrahl , Hepp , Walter S. Baumann, Phucking Happyend and Kackmusikk for the music. Thank you for the website, Max Dunkelrot & Ohrstrom from Atelier Anorg. And thank YOU, who are on this journey with us, for the nights and the days. 

On December 14th, we're releasing our two newest releases at Stall 6, Zurich with two concerts by Buvette and Fell, alongside DJ sets by Bit-Tuner, Nik! and Soult. We're looking forward to a night full of music from the Hulavese - and celebrating this special occasion with you!

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