Insomania Utopia Release!

10.4. 2012 * 16:44

* by: luv

We're very happy to announce our sixth release coming up on April 23rd, 2012: it will be a tape paired with a DVD.

Putting out a tape, and pairing it with a DVD might seem risky to you, but when the tape features spherical loop-based post-shoegaze it's really just obvious to publish a fitting short film on DVD.
Hula Honeys present "Krishnamurti - Living Without Conflicts - a Hommage" as a multiformat release, with music by Insomania Utopia and a film by santstrahl. the release will be on april 23rd at Boschbar, zürich!

_hon06_front.jpg _hon06_back.jpg _hon06_poster1.jpg _hon06_titel2.jpg _hon06_tape-dvd2.jpg

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