Soult, Nik! & La Bombe @ Lost in Nature Festival

28.11. 2012 * 14:11

* by: luv

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Lost in Nature Festival has proven to be one of the nicest mid scale open air festivals in Switzerland. Coming from the Drum'n'Bass days, the WCC and Tsunami crews have stayed true to their roots, still widening the musical horizon.

The Honeys have been regular guests at the festival - our master of chaos, Soult, is also a founding member of the Tsunami crew. Still, this year was a special year. Having been offered a headlining slot on Friday night, Soult , nik! and La Bombe decided to go all the way and try something completely different, challenging and - well, special.

They played a 75 minute set going from HipHop to Breaks, Jungle, Dubstep and Bass Music. Nothing special, you might think. But hey, it was a setup of geeky five turntables, 3 interwoven mixers and a MPC: three boys and a lof of equipment...

The lost footage has been found. Enjoy the show.

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