Articles From February 2013

Down Down Tuesday

Every first Tuesday in Helsinki Klub - Wide Electronics, Weirdo Hip Hop, Between

23.2. 2013 - 13:42 sun

"Europe in 8 Bits" feat. Schnauz

Europe in 8 Bits is a documentary about reusing outdated technology in creative ways to revamp the music scene. The honeys' Schnauz is featured with his music...

17.2. 2013 - 14:21 luv Ep Schnauz,,  Stars, 

Introducing: Hula Bytes

As all Universes, the Hulaverse is expanding, too. We're extremely happy to announce the launch of HULA BYTES, our sublabel for digital releases. To celebrate...

5.2. 2013 - 17:50 luv Bit-Tuner, Bytes,  hula, 

Event Calendar

New! There are not only Hula Honeys partys and Hula artist gigs in the event calendar. Now you will find also partys and concert we like and want to suggest...

5.2. 2013 - 16:58 sun "Events also,  are,