Airplane Friendship Clip by Simon Wannaz

23.1. 2013 * 11:44

* by: luv

Coming from the very productive music scene in Vevey, Switzerland, Buvette has developed a very singular style with his music. With his new track Airplane Friendship, he follows the same path of hypnotic electronic music with outlandish sonorities.

With his film,  Simon Wannaz brilliantly mirrors the particular atmosphere of the music with odd and retro aesthetics. The cinematography supports the melancholic and mysterious mood that was already set up by the characters. Regarding the rhythm and style, Airplane Friendship could be considered as a short movie as much as a music video.

Follow the blind kid and see where he leads you!


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Director: Simon Wannaz
DOP: Alexandre Favre
Assistante Director: Laura Morales
Assistant DOP: Karim Bassegoda
Second assistant DOP: Nathan Saurer
Set Decorator: Mathias Forbach
Costume Designer: Hélène Gagliardi
Hair Stylist: Romaric Colombini
Makeup Artist: Alison Siegenthaler
Set Photographer: Laura Morales
Catering: Michèle & Alain Wannaz
Editing/ VFX: 1OFORMES
thanks to: Luxan, Zunit, Ramon&Pedro, PAT V, Sonia, Danielle et Luc, Gilles, Jean-Pascal, Jérôme.


The two songs on the single "Airplane Friendship" hug the listener with dreamy beauty. They are invitations to a state of musical trance: floating, hymnal, rattling. Buvette is a musical nomad, who creates bold songs with his voice and the means of electronic music. The title song Airplane...

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