Feldermelder: 3 Yards of Warmth

29.12. 2013 * 19:21

* by: luv

With Feldermelder’s „3 Yards of Warmth“, a new journey through the Hulaverse begins in January 2014.

The entry gates to Feldermelder’s wonderfully warm and lively world are passed through driving, bouncing, distorted but still absolutely clear sounds. Feldermelder carefully creates a teetering whole out of squeking instruments, happily distorted melodies and clacking beats. Like toys that awake to life at night. Cranking, sluggish, interlooped ups and downs, layers of enchanting melodies: „3 Yards of Warmth“ pulls the listener deeper and deeper into a heavily breathing green and blue music land.

We'll be announcing the details shortly...

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hon13 | coming soon
file under: Leftfield, Electronica

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Published : Dec. 29, 2013

Author : luv

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