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15.4. 2013 * 10:17

* by: luv

We can now confirm: FELL are Simon Berz and Tom "Toktek" Verbruggen - and they _DO_ battle it out in those supercharged sessions.

We've been touring around the country together with FELL for two weeks now, we've witnessed wonderfully inspiring concerts at Bad Bonn Düdingen, Kunsthalle Luzern, Royal Baden and Helsinki Klub Zürich - for which we'd like to thank all visitors, organizers and helpers once more. We're awfully happy, thankful and pround to come and present ourselves at such lovely venues.

FELL have been transforming their material into a monster of a live show, tearing down the borders of genres and expectations as they play. They are able to take their music to the extremes of groove, of noise, of dub, of nervously flying sounds and beautiful capuring moods, while they elegantly manage to build rainbow bridges between the ground and the skies...

If you have any chance: be sure to come to one (or both) of the last shows of the tour:

On Friday, April 19th, FELL will be at Dampfzentrale Bern , together with Martin Rev (USA, of the legendary band Suicide) and Bit-Tuner .
On Saturday, April 20th, FELL will be opening up the night at Hirscheneck Basel , before P-Tess and nik! rip up the soundsystem for another Fidelio Bass Night.

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The self titled debut EP FELL opens up a universe of living sounds. Simon Berz and toktek are masters of their instruments. The permutating songs are full of dynamic changes, fragile sound constructions mutate into a groove or a wide spread layer from one moment to another. FELL brings back organic...

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