Hula Honeys China and Japan Tour: it's done.

19.6. 2013 * 10:34

* by: luv

thanks for riding with us!

the Hula Honeys China and Japan Tour 2013 is over - we’ve played the shows, brought this thing called *emotronic sunshine* to cities across China and Japan - and to a worldwide audience via

it was a pleasure to let it break and shine with you at our side, and we’ve had an amazing ride ourselves. so thanks for coming out, thanks for sharing this ride with us.

special thanks to all who made the tour possible: Kohei Matsunaga, Junichi Saichi, , , , , , and - along with all promoters, curators, artists and guests who set up shows, came to shows, played with us, went on the ride and shared their love with us.

we’ll be uploading some more videos, fotos and hugs in the next while, so this blog isn’t quite done yet…

with love from all the honeys!

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Published : June 19, 2013

Author : luv

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