Hula Honeys China / Japan Tour 2013

27.3. 2013 * 22:33

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The Hula Honeys are awfully proud to announce that there are BIG things in the pipline: From May 9th until June 8th, Bit-Tuner , NHK'Koyxen, Feldermelder , Nik! and Soult will be touring through China and Japan to showcase the label's sound.

When it comes to electronica that crosses genre borders, this package brings together some of the most independant, forward thinking artists: NHK’Koyxen, who has a mastered sound art and purest dance music with releases on Mille Plateaux or PAN, Feldermelder with his unbelievable live and improvisation skills, Bit-Tuner with his own, bass heavy signature sound, and Nik! & Soult, who belong to the rare class of versatile, electronic music DJs.

Setting off from this point, we’ve put together a tour that reaches out over the Chinese cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guanzhou and Shenzhen, stops over at the first edition of Art Basel Hong Kong and heads on to Japan to cover the cities of Tokyo, Niigata, Osaka and Kyoto. More confirmed shows will be announced soon.

Check the project page for details...

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Published : March 27, 2013

Author : luv

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