IOKOI - Growing Young - ready to be shipped

4.5. 2013 * 13:15

* by: luv

hon12 - IOKOI - Growing Young - ready

It's been quite a ride with this lovely 7-inch. Having been doing what we do, it was only a question of time until this would happen - and it has happened.

We've just released our 12th release, coming from Zurich and Milano based singer and composer IOKOI , and it just happened to turn out to be just about the most elaborate release to date. The single "Growing Young" comes on transparent vinyl with an "inside out" cut on the flip side. The folder cover is placed in a hand sewn, screen printed fabric packaging - from Nonna with Koi.

Be sure to get your copy of this little beauty:

Right now, it's physically available via our Bandcamp Store , and it'll be in shops all over quite soon. Also, you can download the digital release (incase you prefer files only) on our Bandcamp Store , Beatport , iTunes or mighty Amazon .

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Published : May 4, 2013

Author : luv

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