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2.4. 2013 * 14:15

* by: luv

The Hulaverse continues to grow: IOKOI is just about ready to release her solo debut "Growing Young" as hon12.

IOKOI is a singer and musician you just about couldn't get around in the past year - be it at concerts (solo or with her band) at the Elektrik Klubi, Les Digitales Festival or at her weekly shows at La Catrina - as soundtrack composer to silent movie nights with the , on an extended IOIC China Tour with Simon Berz and Bit-Tuner - or as musical performer in the theatre. With her music, IOKOI takes a unique stand between Ambient, Drones and Pop, and she consciously gives her songs space and time to unfold, while she wins her audience over with her soulfully crafted sonic adventures. This April, Hula Honeys will be releasing the solo debut of IOKOI as 7" vinyl.

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Published : April 2, 2013

Author : luv

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