ASIC and Dave Eleanor join the Hulaverse

6.10. 2014 * 13:24

* by: luv

We are happy to announce that two new artists have joined the Hulaverse and will be feeding your woofers and tweeters with what we call true skool music in the near future!

Both ASIC and Dave Eleanor create stand-alone music that dwells on the sonic grounds we enjoy: beats, bass, experimental approaches and fine-tuned song structures. Their tracks stroll trough Bass Music, Leftfield Hip Hop, Glo-Fi or Post-Step. Both artists have EPs scheduled to be released on Hula Honeys in the near future.



Nothing leaves ASIC's studio that hasn't been played live or manipulated on the fly. To be able to build and manipulate his tracks as openly and spontaneously as possibly, ASIC plays on a live setup that gives him space and flexibility to manipulate and molder the sounds. Thus, it's hard to anticipate the musical journey he will take you on. What happens on the way leads to new paths that are explored. These tiny little chips, Application-Specific Integrated Circuits, that ASIC lends his name from can be understood as miniature city maps. The inner eye sees a city scape that has to be named "Electronica". Listening to ASIC's music, one enters urban canyons called "Bass", "Beat", "Poststep", "Trip Hop", "Glo-Fi" and "Techno".


ASIC artist page
ASIC website


Dave Eleanor

Dave Eleanor pulls his influences from German and British Bass Music, from Pop influenced Electronica and Dub to construct delicate songs and tracks that both work on headphones and the dancefloor.

He ensnares listeners and dancers alike, inviting them to follow his clear and forward pushing drum programming, as well as his introspective voice and spacious synth lines. The field he opens herewith is a land of forsakenness, melancholy and silent hope. In his live performances, the mid 20-ies musician combines drum patterns with sparse synthesizer lines, deep bass lines and his own voice.


Dave Eleanor artist page
Dave Eleanor website

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Published : Oct. 6, 2014

Author : luv

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