hon15: FELL and the Incubate Kidsorchestra

23.5. 2014 * 13:40

* by: luv

We're happy to announce that there's a new release from FELL coming up soon! FELL and the Incubate Kidsorchestra is the result of a workshop FELL held with kids and teenagers at Netharland's Incubate Festival - it's another ride trough the accoustic universe of FELL: found sounds, recordings from self-made instruments, the characteristic drumming of Simon Berz and toktek's compositional landscapes.

The electro acoustic band FELL was invited by INCUBATE FESTIVAL to perform at the 2013 edition and to additionally hold a workshop for kids and teenagers. In They used any material they could find: personal belongings, found objects and trash to build simple instruments, produce sounds and rhythmic patterns which were recorded during the workshop. FELL created four pieces of music out of this material – beats and melodies were added to the recordings of the Kidsorchestra and formed to musical figures.

The compositions are not meant to sound like kids music – in the contrary. Dark and threatening sound walls face thundering beats. Acoustic drums, frazzled voices and analogue sounds are interwoven with a digital microcosm that winds it’s way through the guts of selfmade electronics.

With their music, FELL looks for new possibilities of composition and improvisation. Harmonic sounds and electronically manipulated samples of alphorns, coffee kettles, diesel motors, lambs and many other sounds unfold in between energetic, improvised, electro-acoustic thunderstoms. The two musicians Simon Berz and toktek boil down their personal acoustic universes on to their hard discs and knead their archives until a hot stew of sounds remains.

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