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15.8. 2014 * 11:12

* by: luv

The 16th release on Hula Honeys has been cooking up for quite a while. Finally, we're happy to release Jen Reimer + Max Stein 's "Lisboa / Skagaströnd" on tape and as digital download. The tape edition is limited to 100 copies and can be ordered via our Bandcamp store .

Jen Reimer (CAN) and Max Stein (USA) share a fascination with reverberant spaces. Drawing inspiration from the hidden harmonies and secret rhythms present in urban sound enviroments, they create immersive multichannel sound works for processed horn and field recordings: conceived, composed, performed and recorded in the spaces themselves.
This release features two performances in resonant, yet very different locations. "Lisboa" was recorded in the former cistern Mãe D’Áqua, an architectural cathedral for water and it's sounds. In "Skagaströnd", Jen Reimer + Max Stein take their listeners into the inside of an old chimney in Iceland, and slowly reveal it's glistening, fulminating wavy sound. Both works make the entanglement of sound and space tangible for those who let themselves glide into the recordings.
The tape version comes with a riso-printed poster by Hraïr Hratchian and a download code.


Bandcamp store

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Published : Aug. 15, 2014

Author : luv

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