Moods Artist in Residence: Simon Berz

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The drummer and sound artist Simon Berz – half of FELL – has been working on a very unique sonic world for years. He is interested in the in-betweens: nature, people, media and machines are his working material, his focus lies on instable states.

Simon Berz looks out for the beauty in any given moment and the value of the unimpressive. In the past years, he's developed manyfold approaches to sounding material. With his self-developed Lithophon, he uses an array of stones to create fragile rhythms and noises through analogue electronics and feedbacks. This approach is also his – so to say – standard when he baits unheard sounds out his drum set.

The renowned Jazz club Moods invited Simon Berz to their last residency of the year. He is curating three nights under the theme of „instabile moments“ in December, featuring like minded artists: IOKOI , Simona Bosco, Flo Stoffner, Moose Jackson & Rob Cambre, Vincent Membrez, Linda Vogel, Xu Fengxia, Bettina Boller and Toktek , of course.

MOODS AiR December 2014

December 3, 2014


Mara Micciche (Mailand) voc /efx / synt
Simona Bosco (Miland) Video

New Orleans Athmosphaers

Moose Jackson (New Orleans) Spoken Word
Rob Cambre (New Orleans) git / efx
Simon Berz (Zürich) dr / efx

December 17, 2014

Solo conzert: Linda Vogel

Linda Vogel (Zürich) voc, harp, triggers, efx

FELL extended

toktek (Eindhoven) bass / joysticks / efx
Flo Stoffner (Zürich) git / efx
Vincent Membrez (Biel) synt
Simon Berz (Zürich) dr / d.i.y. inst. /efx

Dezember 22, 2014

Xu Fengxia

Xu Fengxia: (CN/D) Wölbbrettzither Guzheng Langhalslaute Sanxian
Simon Berz: (Zürich) dr / d.i.y. inst. /efx

Zwischen LO-FI und HI-FI : Die Wertigkeit der Klänge

Bettina Boller (Zürich) vl
Simon Berz (Zürich) Stein / efx


Simon Berz Website
Website Moods


The Kidsorchestra was a temporary band. This EP documents a creative journey FELL undertook at Incubate Festival in late 2013 together with the Kidsorchestra. FELL collaborated with the kids in several workshops.


The self titled debut EP FELL opens up a universe of living sounds. Simon Berz and toktek are masters of their instruments. The permutating songs are full of dynamic changes, fragile sound constructions mutate into a groove or a wide spread layer from one moment to another. FELL brings back organic...

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