Simon Wannaz wins "Best Swiss Music Video Award"

1.4. 2014 * 12:21

* by: luv


Congratulations to Simon Wannaz! He won the jury's award "Best Swiss Music Video" presented by m4music Festival and Solothurner Filmtage.

We remember this moment very well. It was almost a year ago when Buvette sent us the link to the final version of Simon Wannaz' music video for his song [hon10] Airplane Friendship . It was an istant trip to another world, a thoughtful journy brought to life in beautifully shot and composed images.

Simon had recruited a team of a thounsand helpers to create this video and they had worked for free for days - believing in the vision of the director. Only a couple of hours after uploading the video on Vimeo, it was selected as "Vimeo Staff Pick", which brought the video and the song nearly 80'000 views in a couple of days. And now, it wins the jury prize for "Best Swiss Music Video" by m4music Festival and Solothurner Filmtage. With his film,  Simon Wannaz brilliantly mirrors the particular atmosphere of the music with odd and retro aesthetics. The cinematography supports the melancholic and mysterious mood that was already set up by the characters. Regarding the rhythm and style, Airplane Friendship could be considered as a short movie as much as a music video.

Once more: congrats, Simon! You've created a wonderful clip to a beautiful dream-pop song!


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