Bit-Tuner nominated for Swiss Music Prize

5.5. 2015 * 17:53

* by: luv

The Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs announced the nominees for the Swiss Music Prize 2015.  Bit-Tuner is among the 15 candidates, along with Joke Lanz, Bruno Spoerri, Oy and Nik Bärtsch, among others.

The seven jury members selected 15 nominees representing a wide scope of the Swiss music scene out of a pre-selection of approximately 50 musicians that were presented by an independant expert group. The nominees come from the Jazz, Classical, Folk Music, Experimental or Electronic scenes. In the words of the Jury, they "influence the Swiss music scene from the edges and intersections of genres with their dedication for an open-minded approach".


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Published : May 5, 2015

Author : luv

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