Coming soon: Simon Berz - Cut Out

30.4. 2015 * 14:10

* by: luv

It's been a little while since our last physical release - all the more we're very happy to announce the next release on Hula Honeys Records: Simon Berz - half of insanity driven duo FELL will be presenting a solo release in early June 2015.

Anyone who has seen Simon Berz perform knows  that he is not your usual drummer from the block. He has been experimenting with his drum kit - modulating it with microphones, speakers and effects. The drum kit has grown into the so-called "Rocking Desk" - and is nothing less than an extended and hybrid instrument that can stir up the dirt.
With his Rocking Desk, Simon Berz crosses the border between analogue and electronic music. He is still the drummer, but he can not only play snare drums, rim shots or rides, but also make them scream and squeak in tone through the contact microphones placed on the drums.

The forthcoming release "Cut Out" comes on a double 7" record with a recording of a solo drum song by Simon Berz, a remix by Toktek and 2 x 25 loops that invite DJs and musicians to explore the sounds of the Rocking Desk further.

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