Waiting for the black gold (Simon Berz - Cut Out)

31.8. 2015 * 20:08

* by: luv

Simon Berz - Cut Out: News from the pressing plant.

Every now and then you have to go step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. This is what we set out to do when we decided to go ahead on one of those crazy ideas - to put out a double 7" record with 50 loops in spring. The production / cutting process of this record has turned out to be _not quite as easy_ as we had wished - additionally, we're being slowed down massively by a never ending run for the black gold over at the pressing plant of our choice. Appearantly, we're not the only ones waiting.
To put things short: The record is on it's way. To everyone who's already bought it at the performance at Walcheturm: Thank you so much for your patience. You'll definitely receive your records. It just might be a bit colder by the time they're in your mailbox.

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Published : Aug. 31, 2015

Author : luv

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