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Bit-Tuner: A Bit of Light ---- Album out on -OUS

Bit-Tuner releases his 5th studio album.

17.12. 2015 - 18:05 luv Bit-Tuner,

Bit-Tuner nominated for Swiss Music Prize

The Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs announced the nominees for the Swiss Music Prize 2015. Bit-Tuner is among the 15 candidates, along with Joke...

5.5. 2015 - 17:53 luv Bit-Tuner,

Bit-Tuner: The Japan Syndrome

Recorded at Zurich's Helsinki Klub, «The Japan Syndrome» is a fragmentary snap shot, a rampant audio(visual) trip through Japan's largest cities, that Bit-Tuner...

29.10. 2013 - 17:51 luv Bit-Tuner, Japan,  Rotkeller,, 

Introducing: Hula Bytes

As all Universes, the Hulaverse is expanding, too. We're extremely happy to announce the launch of HULA BYTES, our sublabel for digital releases. To celebrate...

5.2. 2013 - 17:50 luv Bit-Tuner, Bytes,  hula, 

Hula Honeys 5th Anniversary & Double Release

Just in time for our fith anniversary, Hula Honeys are proud to announce the release of our tenth release. We're celebrating on December 14th, and - as a gift...

21.11. 2012 - 16:02 luv Bit-Tuner, Buvette,,  Fell,, 

Bit-Tuner: Veteran live

Do you remember Bit-Tuner 's live show at Zurich's Stadtsommer last August? Were you there? Did you rave with us?

5.11. 2012 - 12:29 luv Bit-Tuner, Ep,  Signals, 

Bit-Tuner Release BBQ

We're celebrating the release of Bit-Tuner's fith solo-release - and the first 12" record on Hula Honeys with a full scale grill.

15.5. 2012 - 23:13 luv Bit-Tuner, Ep,  Signals,