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Nik! has gone hunting the kick drums. [mix, 2014]

Nik! has finally found the time to record an hour-long blend of flying kick drums and snares, all wrenched through a proper portion of distortion and delay.

4.4. 2014 - 11:07 luv Dj Mix,  Nik!,, 

Honeys Mix 04: Nik! - Crawling in Craters

There's a new Honeys Mix ready for your listening pleasures: With his mix "Crawling in Craters", Nik! takes it way day - a piece for the hours spent in bed on...

13.3. 2013 - 13:12 luv Dj honeys,,  Mix, 

Vandalizm Podcast 006: Nik! - Within Noise

There's a new mix out there exploring the deepness, noise and heavy weight slow motion beats: Nik! recorded an 80-minute DJ mix for Bassvandalizm.

29.12. 2012 - 13:44 luv bassvandalizm Dj,  Mix, 

Soult, Nik! & La Bombe @ Lost in Nature Festival

The Honeys decided to go big scale at this year's Lost in Nature Festival. Soult, Nik! & La Bombe played a DJ set on five turntables, three mixers and a MPC....

28.11. 2012 - 14:11 luv Bombe, Dj,  in,