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Experimental HipHop, Post-Dubstep, Electronica, Glitch & Bass

In spring 2011, the Dope Crackers Tour united two of the most innovative swiss electronic producers on stage for the first time: Bit-Tuner and Feldermelder. They were accompanied by DJ Nik! and the VJ-collective .suffix. It was about bass, about beats and hybrids - about the movies in the heads of the dancing crowd.

Hello & goodbye: The one just returned form the metropolis with the endless street canyons, the other just left. New York, the city that never sleeps is only one of the many connections between the two exceptional swiss artists Feldermelder and Bit-Tuner, who teamed up for the first time in spring 2011 to tour through the country and present their visions of contemporary electronic (dance-)music.
Both Feldermelder and Bit-Tuner connect the music in the inbetweens - one of many reasons why the two have to be counted to the most innovative electronic musicians in Switzerland. Nik!,  took the journey further in his DJ-sets – coming from the remains of Hip- Hop, heading for the promises of UK’s club music. Visually, the tour was supported by Lucerne's .Suffix VJ-Crew: Well known from their VJ-appearances at Electron Geneva, Elevate Graz or Shift Festival Basel with Acts like Apparat, Bomb Squad oder Jason Forrest, the VJ-collective accomanied the Dope Crackers Tour with their uniquely taylored imagery.

The tour came by eight forward thinking clubs and festivals all over Switzerland and gave the crowds in Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Basel, Zürich, St.Gallen, Lucerne, Fribourg and Berne an impression of what these artist are capable of. Also, a "Sounds Special" was broadcasted on the national radio station DRS 3, featuring two short live sets and an interview.

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Tourdates 2011:

Thu. April 14th: Strichpunkt, Lucerne
Fri. April 15th: Queen Kong Club, Neuchâtel
Sat. Arpil 16th: Le Bourg, Lausanne
Fri. May 6th: Palace, St.Gallen
Thu. May 19th: Rössli, Bern (w/ Alphatronic)
Sat. May 21st: Stall 6, Zürich (w/ P-Tess)
Thu. May 26th: Bad Bonn Kilbi (Bit-Tuner, Nik! & .Suffix)
Fri. May 27th: S-Hof, Basel
Sat. May 28th: Bad Bonn Kilbi (Feldermelder w/ Fichtre)

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