[January 2014] Honeys Mix 06:

Phucking Happyend - live @ Le Zoo

Phucking Happyend returns to the Honeys Mix series with another live recording of a DJ set.

This one was recorded at Le Zoo / Usine Geneva at the last Korsett Night where Phucking Happyend played alongside rave masters like Somtek, Kackmusikk and Leisure Options. In this eclectic mix, he hits the floor hard with ultimate dancefloor crackers somewhere between Bass Music, Trap and Rave anthems, including several tracks that have been released on Hula Honeys Records and Korsett.

Phucking Happyend on Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/phucking-happyend
Phucking Happyend on Korsett: www.korsettkollektiv.com/phucking-happyend/

[July 2013] Honeys Mix 05:

La B))) - The Dark Rises in the East

The 5th mix in our Honeys Mix series comes from DJ and producer La Bombe aka La B))) who showcases the direction he's been going in lately: to the depths of music, combining tracks, soundscapes, loops and exerimental sounds. 

Being a true school turntablist, La B))) handles more than two turntables, looking as if he had more than two hands. In this mix, he is cuddles with clouds of dark ambient sounds, heavy basses and some dodgy beats. There is a lot to discover on this short trip that could go on and on for a whole night.

By the way: this is not an official Haxan Cloak promo mix, it's just that his album 'Excavation' is so good...

Listen to the mix on the Hula Honeys Mixcloud channel.
More La B))) mixes: www.mixcloud.com/laBombe1979/

[March 2013] Honeys Mix 04:

Nik! - Crawling in Craters

"Crawling in Craters" is what happens when you close your eyes, imagining the depths and hidden corners of your archives.

Stripped down rhythms, melodies, instrumental tracks and deepest bass lines. It's a hommage to the hours spent in bed on Sunday mornings, and it's a pledge to the dance floor.
The mix was recorded in January 2013 on two turntables and a mixer. It includes tracks by Sub, Burnt Friedman, FELL , Zomby, Sven Weiseman, Airhead, Shlomo and many others...

Listen to the mix on the Hula Honeys Mixcloud channel.
Listen to the mix on Nik!'s Soundcloud account

[Feb. 2013] Honeys Mix 03:

Soult - Mercury Head Explosion

Mercury head explosions can be dangerous, but they can be beautiful as well.

From all the gazillion influences lying around, soult picks some and sets them in an order wich is in harmony with the planets out there. This can lead to the merging of an accapella by MF Doom with the synth orgy by Mind Over Mirrors.
Or Bogdan Raczinsky singing after Transformer Di Roboter.

The swiss musician "Welttraumforscher" may give an explenation for all this:

where your luck is stranded in the north
and your gold lies beaten in the bed
the days are gone and the cards mixed
hundred years, thousand days and a sad fish

listen to Honeys Mix 03 on Mixcloud

[Dec. 2012] Honeys Mix 02:

Phucking Happyend: Evil Rave

Some good things actually DO come around twice: Phucking Happyend recorded his DJ-set at the record release party of the [hon09] Bitter Sweet Remix EP - and it's here to make you jump and shout!

Mixing in various blends of Bass Music, Trap Music, Dance Music, Phucking Happyend takes listeners and dancers on a mental trip. Hitting the floor with bass heavy and snare loaded tracks, this mix is nothing other than a megamix of current and future club slammers. Enjoy!

Honeys Mix 02: Phucking Happyend - Evil Rave on .

[Nov. 2012] Honeys Mix 01:

Somtek - Enter the Dust

Here we go, this is the first exclusive artist DJ mix for the Hula Honeys mix channel: a dark ambient bass mix by Somtek aka Schnauz.

As Somtek, this guy made the excellent Phaser Edit from Phucking Happyend's track Bitter Sweet, which was released on Korsett and Hula Honeys in October 2012. Somtek and Demegy have also been the driving forces behind the label Korsett in the past years, which took off with the Breakshake Remix Compilation, and featured remixes of artists like Partikel, Jools, AZ-Rotator or DJ Donna Summer.

But there is a lot more. Besides other releases as Somtek or with the Gipsy Syndicate, his alter ego Schnauz created the 5 track [hon04] Stars EP for Hula Honeys in 2011. And rumors are going strong that there will be a Somtek release sometime next year - so be ready for the news regarding Somtek / Schnauz.

Also, keep your eyes and ears open for more news on the Hula Honeys Mix Channel, there's a lot more to come. We'll be featuring exclusive DJ-mixes from our artists - with a strong focus on personally selected music - this channel is another place for musical knowledge and love, history and future:

Honeys Mix 01: Somtek - Enter the Dust: www.mixcloud.com/HulaHoneys/honeys-mix-01-somtek-enter-the-dust/
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