Hula Honeys Sunshine Bag

We've spent hours in research and development to come up with a ground breaking idea. The Hula Honeys Sunshine Bag!


The Hula Honeys Sunshine Bag is a strictly limited, hand printed series of 40 pieces.

There are five different flavours on the front side (check the column on the right!), while the back sides are printed individually  - every Sunshine Bag is an original!

After some time of testing, these are the key features of the Sunshine Bag:

  • It is not waterproof. Still, it's ideal to take to the beach, 'cause any towel will fit.
  • The strap is adjustable in it's length to fit any person's size.
  • It's made to transport small necessities: sun glasses, research papers or grill goods.
  • The Sunshine Bag is sealable by a singular Velcro® strip at the top end of the bag.
  • It's a hand printed, DIY kinda thing. It'll grow larger with usage, even if the prints aren't made for eternity.
  • The colorful, stylish print is ideal to impress your stalker. No matter what's inside the bag.
  • There's a whole lot of love in every single Sunshine Bag.

Get yourself a Bag of Sunshine!

Ordering yourself a Sunshine Bag is simple: it can be done in just six steps!

Here we go!

1) Pick your favourite front side (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 - check the column on the right!). We will pick the ideal back side (individual print!) based on a formula calculating your name with other information.

2) Write an E-Mail to order:  allthehoneys<at> and include your choice of front side, your name and address.

3) Do the math! The Sunshine Bag costs CHF 20 / EUR 15 plus shipping! Details below...

4) transfer the money via Paypal to allthehoneys<at> (bank transfers are possible, please ask for the details in your mail, if needed).

5) we'll send out your bag as soon as we've received the money.

6) give someone you like a hug!

Pricing (doing the math, step 3):

  • The Sunshine Bag costs CHF 20 / EUR 15, plus shipping.
  • Shipping in Switzerland is CHF 2, to Europe / World EUR 4.50

So. If you live in Portugal and want to order one Sunshine Bag, you'll send EUR 19.50 (EUR 15 plus shipping) to allthehoneys<at> via paypal. If you live in Switzerland and want to order two (!!) bags, you'll send us CHF 42 (2x CHF 20, plus shipping).

Well. That'll be just about it! Let's parade!