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Airplane Friendship


The two songs on the single "Airplane Friendship" hug the listener with dreamy beauty.

They are invitations to a state of musical trance: floating, hymnal, rattling. Buvette is a musical nomad, who creates bold songs with his voice and the means of electronic music.

The title song Airplane Friendship sets off with a rattling beat, only to break out into the sound of the moment in between. Embedded in warm reveresed pads, Buvette sings of a floating state between the sky and the heart land.

On the flip side, Jean Dubuffet builds up a laid back dancefloor groove over almost five minutes. Arpeggiator synths and dancing bass lines tuck dreamers in as the night comes to an end with the break of dawn.

Buvette is about to shake up the pop music landscape. He is weaving electronic, equally bright and mild sounds into rhythmically challenging patterns, enriching them with his voice.

The single Airplane Friendship was mastered by LXC @ R.a.n.d. Muzik, and will be released on December 14th as limited (200 pieces) 7" Vinyl and digitally via Bandcamp, Beatport, iTunes, etc.

Airplane Friendship is distributed by Godbrain Distribution.


A: Airplane Frienships
B: Jean Dubuffet

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