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The China Syndrome


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„The China Syndrome“ is Bit-Tuner's first live album: recorded in the intimate setting of the Helsinki Klub, Bit-Tuner unfolds a sound trip over almost 75 minutes – in his demanding style, he combines rhythmical elements with field recordings during one of his monthly live sessions.

For more than a year, Bit-Tuner – the master of heavy beats – has had a residency at Zurich’s „Helsinki Klub“. His live-sets mutate into excessive sessions, while Bit-Tuner grinds his beats and sounds.

Equipped with a recorder, Bit-Tuner had gone hunting for sounds, rhythms and tones in distant China. Between the noisy cities of Beijing and Shanghai, he found well known and outlandish sounds: within the humming traffic, in parks and in backyards. Gas cookers in restaurants, old mopeds and squeaking bicycles in the narrow alleys, and people singing in the park.

Bit-Tuner layers the captured sounds one by one – many samples remain raw. He combines and loops fragments, scraps of conversations, rattling snap-shots of sound. Minimal beats are added upon and deep bass lines form the base. The billowing synthesizers are played live, phrase by phrase. Over the whole duration of the live-set, Bit-Tuner develops a irresistible gravity and leads us into a distant, but well known city.

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