Cut Out

Simon Berz

Cut Out was recorded on the Rocking Desk, Simon Berz’ extended drum set that includes piezo microphones, loudspeakers and effects. Berz plays his instrument with an array of modified drum sticks to evoke electroacoustic sounds, effect patterns and a broad variety of feedbacks.

The amplification allows close-up views of the sounding surfaces and structures, while the microphones do not only pick up the sounds played, but also the environment.The Rocking Desk embraces several sound spheres: traditional drum sounds, microscopic details and tonal feedbacks.The 50 loops included reveal a small fragment of the Rocking Desk’s sonic dimensions.
The cover images were created by Simon Berz by drumming paint on to the paper while his loops were performed on three turntables.


A: Cut Out
B: 25 Rocking Desk Loops
C: 25 Rocking Desk Loops
D: Cut Out Remix by toktek


Recorded at Badabum Studio
Mixed and mastered by Will-y Strehler and Roli Mosimann
Cover image played by Simon Berz
Sleeve design & print by Dafi Kühne

The recording and production of this releasewas made possible by MA TransdisciplinaryStudies at the Zurich Universityof the Arts.

This is hon17
Edition of 300

    • Released on Hula Honeys
    • hon17, Nov. 5, 2015