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Dark Blonde, Died Black EP

Random Bit Generator



King Drops

This 7" record features four of the kids from the hulaverse and aims to supply dancehalls with fresh beats that go further.

the ep is a set of emotionally loaded tracks and goes from 124 to 197 bpm. uplifting, kick ass country rave'n'bass with a slight 4 to the floor feeling. and it's also a tribute to the one and only rave-master of all times: the guy who was born blonde, but died black.

on the a-side, random bit generator kicks off with "el barrio contra mi": a disco bomb, that will make anyone twist and shout. it brings together 50ies rock'n'roll with 70ies breaks and a bassdrum of 2020 - a tune designed to make its way straight into the heart of all generations. then, nikk!'s original jungletekkno "dreadnut cove" is built with a 4 to the floor kick, some breaks and a mesmerizing bass line that will take the kids on a journey as soon as it drops. on the flip, soult leaves his homelands of crackling noises and dissonant analogue synths and enters the dancefloor with a minimalistic electro dub track. fever spreads through a tweaking bassline, chords and space - and it's only held back by a pounding 808 kickdrum. finally, king drops gets into trouble with a hi flying vocal stomper. "skin, sin & salvation" has the energy of a vulcano and the sex appeal of pamela anderson in her baywatch days.

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