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Dope Crackers



The Dope Crackers 7" single brings together two exceptional swiss artists for the first time: Bit-Tuner & Feldermelder.

In April 2011, the Dope Crackers Tour united two of the most innovative swiss electronic producers to date: Bit-Tuner and Feldermelder. They were accompanied by DJ Nik! and the VJ-collective .suffix on a 8-stop tour through Switzerland's clubs and festivals. It was about bass, about beats and hybrids, about the movies in the heads of the dancing crowd. The Dope Crackers 7"-single memorizes this moment on wax.

Bit-Tuner opens with a monster in disguise that comes upon you slowly, but then leaves no doubt about it's intention. It’s an absolute party crasher, rolling out on a carpet of sounds and noises only to get close and infect you with the „Banda Fever“ – right before a heavy weight bassline drops, tearing down walls as if they were made of paper.
On the flip, Feldermelder throws in a light footed groove that crackles and pops. Adding orchestral and accoustic samples, he slowly builds „Knob Hoff“ to an athmospheric track that goes on and on, constantly meandering between groove and fragile melodies that suddenly give sight on mere accoustic beauty.

file under: HipHop, Dubstep, Bass
screen-printed cover & hand numbered
mastered by Adi Flück @ Central Dubs
cut by Flo Kaufmann
Pozzo is yeah...
this is hon03

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    • Released on Hula Honeys
    • hon03, April 15, 2011
    • Circulation: 302 (7inch)