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The Dusty Sun Mixes



The Hula Honeys are proud to present two remixes of Walter S. Baumann’s dusty material that he released on Lalamusik in the end of 2010.

The digital album „Dust Sparkling in the Sun“ was a collection of 8 tracks with material that had its origin over 30 years ago. For the beautiful release on the Swiss netlabel Lalamusik, Walter S. Baumann brought his music up to date, still preserving its original grains.

This is where hon05 comes in: the 7“- single The Dusty Sun Mixes presents two remixes by the honeys’ Soult and Nik! that both open a new angle to the original tracks:
Nik! takes a shot at What You Get: his Bear the Eagle Refix slows down the tempo and finds his groove around 130bpm. Standing on a heavy dubwise bassline at the lower end, Nik! works out the crackling sounds and noises and squeezes them into a shuffled techno track with a mental twist.
Soult’s Wounded Rock Remix of Lick tells the story of the rock that feels no pain. It starts out as a spaced-out half time stepper, only to turn into a beautifully cut up pop song, opening hearts on the fly.

the 7“ vinyl edition includes a dl-code to the full release
mastered & cut by Stefan Betke @ Scape Mastering
Pozzo is yeah...
this is hon05

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    • Released on Hula Honeys
    • hon05, Dec. 17, 2011
    • Circulation: 205 (7inch)