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  • Yeah Baby (Honeys' Dub)
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  • Key to the ... Clé Remix)
  • Heavy Traff...vy Traffic)
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Fantasy is Dubbed

Various Artists

Not a Flashback

The unicorn and the donkey are back: standing in front of a horizon on fire and between two loudspeaker towers, they declare Fantasy is Dubbed. After Göldin & Bit-Tuner took us on a journey through the paranoid shadows of madness, drug inebriation and other excesses on their 2007 album Fantasy is Fucked, the now available remixalbum Fantasy is Dubbed is a journey to the world of low frequencies.

Keeping the title in mind, Fantasy is Dubbed is all about Dub: dubbing, looping, letting the echo grind. The remixers dug deep – not to the roots, but to the fundament of hiphop and electronica. Quiet Records, the black hole of acoustics, meets the
homeland of the label Hula Honeys, the Hulaverse, where electronics, rave and bass meet Elvis to dance, usually.
The present album unites eight remixes by seven musicians, who have approached the essence of low frequencies from different angles. Independent and diverse interpretations of dub are the audible outcome.

Fantasy is Dubbed is being released by the Zurich-based record label Quiet Records in October 2009.

A handnumbered edition of 314 double 10-inch records and 180 CDs not only contain the 8 remixes but also a circuit diagram of a handmade siren called the Hulauaauaauaa Device.

Fantasy is Dubbed is distributed by Irascible.

    • Released on Hula Honeys
    • qr-026, Sept. 5, 2009