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Krishnamurti - Living Without Conflicts

Insomania Utopia

The first tape on Hula Honeys comes with a DVD.

Seems weird, but makes sense in this case. Fitting the hypnotic, loop-based Post Shoegaze from Insomania Utopia, Santstrahl made a beautiful and powerful movie.

With his Cosmic Rock band Viaticum, this musician is known for creating ear-battering walls with his guitar. With his solo-project Insomania Utopia, he creates castles in the air, using his voice, a guitar and loop machines.

On his first solo-release, Insomania Utopia starts out with a sample of Krishnamurti. Then, ever-repeating patterns unfold to a 30 minute long, spherical piece of music. Somewhere in the middle, there’s a dreamy Shoegaze section that’s completed with trailing away vocals. Again and again, the indian philosopher and spiritual teacher Krishnamurti is being interlaced and quoted.

The `world teacher`is also interlaced on the DVD’s captivating film by Santstrahl. Working with found and filmed footage, loops and overlays, the moving images support the music and vice versa, music and images merge together to a meditative multilayered work of art.

„One must totally die to find what love is“ (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

Insomania Utopia: Krishnamurti – Living Without Conflicts – A Hommage

Side A: Living Without Conflicts Part1
Side B: Living Without Conflicts Part2

Living Without Conflicts Movie

file under: Ambient, Post Shoegaze, Meditation
The release includes a free download-code
tape/dvd limited to 50 ex.
includes a riso-printed & handnumbered poster
pozzo is yeah...
this is hon06

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