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Platterton EP


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The Debut EP „Platterton“ of Zurich-based electronic musician Hepp melts together field recordings, synthesizer figures and gracefully built beats to an athmospherically dense mini-album.

Coming from the Spezialmaterial crew, Hepp has internalized several genre-defining influences: early english electronica meets accoustic elements and spherical sound collages, polyrhythmic drum patterns meet drifting bass lines and synthesizer figures. In his music, Hepp developes the Swiss Electronica further with an independant blueprint.
In the past years, Hepp has tested and refined his vision of electronic music in numerous live sets on national and international stages (Golden Pudel Hamburg, Berghain Berlin, Spezialmaterial tour „Rio Bogota“ Columbia).

The Platterton EP takes the listener along on a journey through the depths of electronic music: during it's almost 30 minutes, the EP wanders through deepest rhythmic canyons, through forrests of synth sounds and takes a breath on meadows of field recordings and instrumental sequences.
Slow and pushing here, fast and playful there: the 8th release on Hula Honeys has the charm of early english electronica by labels like Rephlex or Warp. Driving rhythms with techno structures, psychedelic rock influenced pads and IDM references flow toghether and add up to a reissue of the original electronica of the 90ies.

The Platterton EP was mastered by LXC @ R.a.n.d. Muzik, Leipzig, and will be released on September 15th as limited 12“ vinyl and digital via Bandcamp & Beatport, iTunes, and others.

Hepp - Platteron EP, tracklist:

  • A1: Reiss d Beat
  • A2: Hansplatterton
  • A3: Hanhall
  • B1: Klunker
  • B2: Störefried


Chain D.L.K. wrote a nice Review of the Platterton EP. "...Hansplatterton could let you think about some Four Tet's track, remixed by some forgotten Rephlex juggler."
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'Cool, like something out of warp records in the 90's. Vintage Computer dance music.'
- Carlos Giffoni

'Hepp needs a girl with many nipples to twist, just like his controls.'
- anonymous dancing girl