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Stars EP


The Stars EP is a message from the outer 8-bit boundaries of the hulaverse. It comes towards you in a proper Chiptune Rave manner: Dance!

Lucerne, Switzerland, based producer, dj and sound designer Daniel Sommer aka Somtek or Schnauz has built himself a reputation as an uncompromising master of the dancefloors somewhere between jungle, breakcore, rave and dubstep.

With the Stars EP, he demonstrates what this means from a glossy, shiny and bleepy point of view: Neon opens up as a bouncy jungle stepper with classic chiptune sounds. Only shortly after, you’ll find youself raving to an arena slammer. Machine reduces the tempo to the groove of a deep oldschool house mover with a cut-up drum break twist. The first digital only track, Skit, is a one shot recording of a live studio session. It takes you way back the your jump’n’run mode. DreamBit comes in 3D and 140bpm. With a light halftime groove, this IDMesque track brings sunshine into the dark. Finally, WhutWhut takes another shot at the hi-speed realm: once more, cut up breaks fill the space between bleeping old school synth sounds, giving way to a glimpse of a timeless moment, only to take right back off towards the sky.

Quote from Musicam Webstore:
Great! Review by Sam
One of the best chiptune release ever! (Posted on 27/08/2011)

vinyl edition: A: Neon / B: Machine
digital edition: 1: Neon / 2: Machine / 3: Skit / 4: DreamBit / 5: WhutWhut

the 7“ vinyl edition includes a dl-code to the full release
mastered & cut by LXC @ Rand Muzik
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this is hon04

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    • Released on Hula Honeys
    • hon04, July 23, 2011
    • Circulation: 314 (7inch)